Not Another Mommy Blog

There are a lot of Mommy Blogs out there. A LOT.

So, what’s different about my blog? Why should you read it?

Well, my blog won’t be me gushing about my adorable children. I have toddler twins and a 4th grader who are, indeed, adorable. My life is full and sometimes crazy, so I won’t be gushing about DIY crafts or fancy recipes. And my blog won’t try to sell you anything.

My blog will be all about what I am all about: Being a mom and Gentle Sleep Coaching.

You will find tips, ideas, shared stories of tribulations and triumphs. You will find resources that you can bookmark and funny memes that will make you laugh. You will (hopefully) find a community of people just like you… parents with kids who need to sleep. Hey, that’s all of us! We all need to sleep, but sometimes getting the sleep we need doesn’t happen because our (adorable) babies aren’t getting the sleep they need. 

I hope you will join me on this blog journey! I won’t commit to having a blog post every week or every month because, let’s be honest, life is a tad crazy right now. But I will commit to posting and I hope you will follow, subscribe, and share. 


Published by Joan Sleepytime

I am a certified Gentle Sleep Coach.

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